Passion for software development


The Bike Test

What do you do actually do when you are verifying the quality of a software application? Your answer will probably be that you will test it. But it's possible to divide "testing" in two categories and that is testing and checking.


Get the best feedback from the demo

Have you ever been to a demo where the team spend almost all of the time to present and very tittle time on feedback? I think we can have a better approach in the demo to get really good feedback.


How to avoid error messages

What is the absolute best error message? Well, I think that the best error message is no error message at all. The second best error message is to have a very small error message, but then the user needs to get the information about the current state of the application in some other way.


Find Bugs Fast

Is it important to find bugs early in the development process? I guess that most of you would answer yes on that question. But how important is it really? In this post I will try to explain to you how important that could be.


Don't blame the user

We (developers) are always working on avoiding our applications to break, crash or have any kind of bugs. But so far no one seems to have found a cure for these problems that our users face. But I believe that there are ways to reduce the pain four our users when they find the holes in our applications. And we should definitely not blame them when they get into problems because the application breaks down.


First day with Visual Studio Code

Yesterday (29th of May) at the Build 2015 conference Microsoft announced a new code editor called Visual Studio Code. It’s a light weight code editor for doing modern web and cloud applications. You might think that this editor would only work on Windows, since its Microsoft that has created it? But no, the Visual Studio Code runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. On stage at Build Microsoft said that this editor will free.

16 million color image of a square 2015-03-26

My didgital image format

A friend asked me how computer images work? Or maybe I should say digital images. Instead of explaining one of the complicated computer image formats that already exists today. I decided to build my own image format form the scratch. It will be much easier to explain it if I take it from the beginning and explain each of the layers in an image format as I add them to the image format. If I create the format I can very simply create readers or viewers of my image format to prove that this is the way the digital images work.

Web Essentials Logo 2014-08-19

Improve your JavaScript code with JSLint

To improve your code quality it's good to use some kind of static code analysis tool. If you are working with the language JavaScript, you can use the static analysis tool JSLint. This tool was created by Douglas Crockford how also were the discoverer of JSON and the author of the book "JavaScript: the good parts". The first version of JSLint was created already back in 2003.

Image of Manual Testing 2014-04-26

I’m getting serious about delivering fast with quality!

How long time does it take for you to deliver your application after you are ready with a new feature? How sure are you that your updated application really works after you added your new feature? For me the answer to those questions are way too often “To long” and “No, I’m not sure that everything works”. But now is the time to get really serious about delivering quickly with high quality!

Raspberry Pi board logo 2014-02-17

My First Raspberry Pi

I have heard a lot about this small cheap computer that you can do a lot of cool stuff with and that computer is called Raspberry Pi. So, now finely, I have got one of my own. In this blog post I will show you how to get started with a new Raspberry Pi, from the installation to the first Hello World application.

Image showing the Visual Studio Online login page 2014-02-03

Getting started with Visual Studio Online

On the launch day of Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft announced the new Visual Studio Online product. Basically this is a light version of Team Foundation Server in the cloud.

Right now Visual Studio Online exists in 3 variants, the variant that I will use in this blog post is the version called Visual Studio Online Basic. This version is free for up to 5 users. There are some very good features in this free version like unlimited projects, backlog tool, bug management, integration to different IDEs, run Continues Integration builds and more.